Siyasal Loto

One of the several lottery games run by the Turkish National Lottery is the Sayisal Loto or numeric lottery, as it is called. The Sayisal Lotto, Turkish Lottery is a game of chance, with close parallels to many other lotteries from around the world. The Sayisal Loto or numeric lottery is one of the most played Turkish Lottery games and is drawn once weekly.

This Turkish Lottery game is a game of chance, a numbers game, working on a six out of 49 matrix like many other worldwide lottery draws. To win the jackpot in this Sayisal Loto, Turkish Lottery you need to match all six numbers to the numbers drawn in the draw to win the jackpot.

Draws for the Sayisal Loto or Turkish Lottery are held once weekly, every Saturday evening and are broadcast live on Turkish National Television as part of an entertainment programme, not dissimilar to other lottery shows around the world.

This once-weekly Turkish Lottery is run by the same lottery company as the Turkish National Lottery, the Milli Piyango, although the way the lottery is run and won is completely different.

Both the Sayisal Loto and the Milli Piyango Turkish Lottery draws are run with good causes and prizes in mind and although both draws are played to very different rules, they are both run under adjudication from a lottery board that ensures all draws and ticket sales are legal and above board.

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The money the Turkish Lottery gives to schools and welfare projects around the country is phenomenal and there is even a Milli Piyango school in Turkey, built and run by money from Turkish Lottery tickets in the country.