Milli Piyango

The Turkish National Lottery or Milli Piyango as it is known across Turkey is the main lottery of Turkey. Played on the ninth, nineteenth and twenty-ninth of every month, this lottery is clearly quite different to others played around the world. Not the only lottery from the country but definitely the one that creates the most interest, with regular superdraws and the massive Milli Piyango Super Jackpot, this lottery demands a place in the lotteries list.

Lottery tickets for the Milli Piyango are sold as raffle tickets, no numbers are chosen by players, or drawn from a lottery draw machine, but you do need to match the numbers on your raffle ticket to win the jackpot.

Unlike many worldwide lotteries the Milli Piyango offers three separate ticket prices for the main lottery draw, full, half and quarter. As the names suggest, you win a share of the jackpot depending on what price ticket you purchase in the Turkish National Lottery.

Also, on special days of the year, the organisers of the Milli Piyango hold special draws, on these days the price of tickets and the prizes both increase. New Years Day is another special draw, in fact the biggest draw of all. Tickets are sold for the draw from early December and the top prize is often equivalent to millions of pounds.

This, of course is just one of the lottery games played by the Milli Piyango organisers, and this game isn’t even a numerical game. Lottery tickets are sold like raffle tickets and it’s the raffle number you need to match to win.

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