Magnum 4D Lottery

The four digits or Magnum 4D Lottery is an Asia Lottery game played in Singapore and Malaysia. To play, individuals must choose any four-digit numbers from 0000 to 9999. In the draw, twenty-three winning four-digit sets of numbers are drawn and if any of the numbers match a set the player has bought then a prize is won.

The 4 Digit or Magnum 4D Lottery is a fixed odds game and that means the returns are the same, no matter how many lottery tickets are sold or how many winners there are.

Magnum 4D are the only legal operators of the 4D Lottery in Malaysia and are licensed by the Malaysian government. In Singapore the game is run by the Singapore Pools and is one of Singapore’s most popular lottery games.

This Asia Lottery game is similar to other lottery games around the world such as the Taiwan 4D Lottery and the Pick 4 Lottery operating in both the US and Canada.

It is thought that the Magnum 4D Lottery originated back in 1951, although poor records and years of unofficial draws make it impossible to date completely. It is thought that the lottery originated when a young boy decided to raffle off his bicycle, he created tickets with two numbers on and the 2D Lottery was created, numbers added turned this into the 3D and then the Magnum 4D Lottery, all variations of the game are hugely popular across Singapore and Malaysia.

If you purchase tickets in the Magnum 4D Lottery you do need to be aware of permutations. Buy one ticket and you only get the numbers in the four number sequence you have selected, to cover all permutations of that number, eg 1234, 1432, 1243 you need to purchase 24 lottery tickets. There are options on the 4D Lottery tickets to cover permutation buying and you can easily cover several permutations on one number selection.

Both 4D Lottery games are very popular Asia Lottery draws but both are subject to different rules and regulations, depending on whether you are playing in Singapore or Malaysia.