Japan Lotto

Gambling is big business in Japan with the lion’s share of the cash going on sports and events betting, lottery draws are also popular in Japan making it another of the popular Asia Lottery draw. Like many others in the world the Japan Lotto (Takarakuji) runs several draws from one main organiser. There are three types of lottery draws run under the Japan Lottery umbrella, a unique number lottery, a selected number lottery and instant wins, or scratchcards.

Japan Loto 6

Prices for lottery tickets vary in the Japan Lotto (Takarakuji), from 100 Yen to 500 Yen depending on which lottery draw or scratchcard you are purchasing lottery tickets for. Gambling is big business in Japan and lottery jackpots can climb higher than 100 million Yen.

Japan Lotto unique number draws are run in a similar way to other lottery draws from around the world. The lottery player must choose the numbers they wish to play and then match them to the numbers drawn in the lottery draw.

Selected number lottery draws in Japan work differently, these work similar to a raffle. When you purchase your selected number Japan Lotto tickets you will be given pre-chosen numbers, like a raffle number and you must match your raffle number to the numbers chosen for the draw.

Japan Lotto scratchcards and instant wins work exactly the same way as every other instant win or scratchcard from around the world. There are different variants available and you must scratch off the surface with the hope of winning instantly when the matching cash amounts or symbols are revealed.

The lottery or Takarakuji law in Japan stipulates that the entire prize pool for any of the Japan Lotto draw be less than 50% of total sales, the rest goes to government organisations and good causes. Lotto tickets can be purchased at Takarajuki booths and stores around many Japanese cities and tickets for selected draws can be purchased at ATM machines.