National Lottery Asia

Although there isn’t one main National Lottery for Asia, there are plenty of different lottery draws to play for throughout the Asian countries. Many of them play on different formats and some have taken models from each other. If you’re a fan of big lottery jackpots and unusual lottery draws then our comprehensive Asia Lottery pages might be just the place for you.

One of the biggest Asia Lottery draws is the Hong Kong Mark 6 Lottery. Working on the same format as many lottery draws around the world, this lottery requires players to choose six winning numbers from a possible 49. What makes this lottery so unique is that it is run by the Hong Kong Jockey Club, yet has nothing at all to do with horseracing. This comes out on top of the Asia Lotteries due to the massive 54% of funds going directly back into the prize pool, producing some bumper jackpots and making it one of the most generous lottery games in the world. Three draws a week ensure there are plenty of chances to win, making this one of the most popular draws across Asia.

Another popular Asia Lottery draws is the Turkish Lottery, as gambling is virtually banned in Turkey, this lottery is hugely popular. Run under monopoly by the state of Turkey, these draws are very strictly run with the Milli Piyango lottery being the one to watch for big draws. Look out for superdraws taking place on public holidays or play the Sayisal Loto for weekly prizes.

We’ve included the Australian Lottery in our Asia Lottery draws, although not strictly Asian of course, this one demands entry into the list owing to its huge draws and bumper jackpots.

If you prefer more unusual lottery games then you may be interested in lottery draws such as the 4D lottery, this one runs in Singapore and Malaysia and requires you to get a four digit numbers in the right order. This one allows for permutations and offers some fantastic prizes making it very popular in the participating countries.

Whichever of the Asia Lottery draws you choose to play in, you can guarantee that they are all a good bet, offering some fantastic rewards and prizes for very little outlay.

Take a look at our Asia Lottery pages now and you can take your pick from some of the best National lotteries in the world.

Mark Six Lottery
  • Game: Pick 6 from 49
  • Draw: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
  • Jackpots: HK$2,500,000 usual with rollovers
  • UK national lottery
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Sayisal Loto
  • Game: Pick 6 from 49
  • Draw: Every Saturday
  • Jackpots: TRY 1,325,000 growing with rollovers

  • milli piyango
  • more information
NZ Lotto
  • Game: Pick 6 from 40 plus Powerball from 1/10.
  • Draw: Wednesday & Saturday
  • Jackpots: Starts at NS$ 1,000,000
  • nz lotto
  • more information
Oz Lotto
  • Game: Pick 7 from 45
  • Draw:Tuesdays
  • Jackpots: Starts at AU$ 2,500,000, rollovers increase jackpot
  • nz lotto
  • more information

Hong Kong Mark Six Lottery

The Hong Kong Mark Six Lottery is run and organised by the Hong Kong Jockey club, it isn’t however anything to do with horse-racing at all, just like other lottery draws around the world it’s a game of chance based on numbers. Like many typical lottery games from around the world, this Asia National Lottery game requires players to match six numbers from a possible 49.

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Milli Piyango

The Turkish National Lottery or Milli Piyango as it is known across Turkey is the main lottery of Turkey. Played on the ninth, nineteenth and twenty-ninth of every month, this lottery is clearly quite different to others played around the world. Not the only lottery from the country but definitely the one that creates the most interest, with regular superdraws and the massive Milli Piyango Super Jackpot, this lottery demands a place in the lotteries list.

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Japan Lotto

Gambling is big business in Japan with the lion’s share of the cash going on sports and events betting, lottery draws are also popular in Japan making it another of the popular Asia Lottery draw. Like many others in the world the Japan Lotto (Takarakuji) runs several draws from one main organiser. There are three types of lottery draws run under the Japan Lottery umbrella, a unique number lottery, a selected number lottery and instant wins, or scratchcards.

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