Turkey Lottery

Like many lotteries around the world, the Turkish Lottery Association run many lottery draws within one Turkish National Lottery. Some are numbers draws, some more like raffle tickets and like many other lottery draws from around the world there are also scratch off wins and superdraws.

All Turkish Lottery draws are run under monopoly of the State of Turkey and are about the only gambling available in the country. At one time, Turkey also had several casinos but they were all closed down by the Turkish Government, players in Turkey who want to play anything other than the lottery games have to go over the border to Cyprus. These laws mean that lottery games are popular in the country, although that money does help good causes such as the Milli Piyango school built in Turkey, entirely from lottery funds.

The Milli Piyango is the National Lottery of Turkey and holds draws on the ninth, nineteenth and twenty-ninth of every month. With three different ticket prices you are playing for a full, half or quarter share of the lottery, with special draws on public holidays and New Year.

The weekly, and by far the most popular Turkish Lottery game is the Sayisal Loto, this once-weekly lottery is a numbers game with lottery players trying to match six of forty-nine numbers to win the jackpot. This lottery is televised with players tuning into Turkish National Television to watch the show.

Another popular lottery game in the Turkish Lottery is the Sans Topu, or the Luck Ball. This is a two-part game where players need to match five of 34 balls and then one of 14. This lottery is drawn every Wednesday evening and is another very popular Turkish Lottery game.

The Turkish Lottery also has scratchcards, unlike the multitude of choice in scratchcards we get around the world, the Kazi-Kazan or scratch and win is a simple ticket scratchcard. Scratch eight boxes and match three to win the amount shown in the winning boxes.