Australia Powerball Lottery

Australia Powerball is a lottery game which takes place every Thursday night and has jackpots which regularly climb higher than AU$100 million. There are nine different ways to win prizes and hundreds of thousands of tickets win each week. Learn more about how to play Powerball and all the odds and prizes.

Like US Powerball, the Australia Powerball Lottery uses two numbers barrels, one containing 35 balls and the other containing 20 balls. To win the Australia Powerball Lottery you must match all numbers drawn from both ball pools.

How to play the Australia Powerball Lottery

To play Australia Powerball, you must choose seven numbers from 1 to 35 plus one Powerball number between 1 and 20. The Powerball is drawn from a separate number barrel to the main balls, so the same number can appear twice in the same draw – once as a main ball and once as the Powerball.

You can play from lottery retailers in Australia or online. You can choose your own numbers or ask for a QuickPick if you would prefer to play with a random selection.

The game is run by Tatts Group lotteries everywhere in Australia apart from Western Australia, where it is operated by Lotterywest. These operators also offer various types of tickets where you can choose more than the standard seven main numbers and one Powerball, allowing you to enter multiple lines more quickly. This boosts the chances of winning but increases the cost of entry.

Australia Powerball Lottery odds and prizes

To win the jackpot, you must match all seven main numbers and the Powerball. The top prize starts at AU$4 million and rolls over to the next draw when it is not won. It has been known to grow as high as AU$200 million.

There are also eight other winning combinations – known as prize divisions – so you can win prizes for matching fewer numbers. See below for all the different prize divisions and the odds of winning in each one:

  • 1st Division - 7 + Powerball – 1 in 134,490,400
  • 2nd Division - 7 main balls – 1 in 7,048,443
  • 3rd Division - 6 + Powerball – 1 in 686,176
  • 4th Division - 6 main balls – 1 in 36,115
  • 5th Division – 5 + Powerball – 1 in 16,943
  • 6th Division - 4 main balls + Powerball – 1 in 1,173
  • 7th Division – 5 main balls – 1 in 892
  • 8th Division – 3 + Powerball – 1 in 188
  • 9th Division – 2 + Powerball – 1 in 66

The overall odds of winning a prize on Australia Powerball are 1 in 44.